Watch the video to see how to
slide the refractory fire brick into its chamber and seal the pizza oven afterwards.


Watch the video below to understand how easy it is to assemble the FIESTA outdoor pizza oven.
See all the parts included that compose the FIESTA pizza oven: 
Refractory fire brick; 0-500º Celcius Thermometer 20cm long probe; Oven door

It takes only a few minutes and without any effort or need for tools you will have the pizza oven ready for action.


The FIESTA outdoor pizza oven was specially designed for making pizzas the italian way but it will cook anything, from stews to roasts and bread.
It's one of the most efficient ovens in terms of wood consumption.
It reachs the 500º C in less then 10 min.
The double walls and the refractory fire brick will retain the heat inside.