The stainless steel pizza oven is 100% made in Portugal.

the small pizza oven - FIESTA - weighs 22 Kgs in total
here you have the measures that make it a fully portable wood-fired oven
small pizza oven, measures of the FIESTA portable wood-fired oven

It's the perfect oven to have around when you want to entertain friends... It's as easy to use as it is to carry it around, and, when you're not using it you can lend it to family or friends.
It will easily fit into any car boot or caravan.

Its made with double stainless steel walls 1,2 mm for heat retention.

The pizza oven comes equiped with a very high quality removable refractory fire brick, a removable thermometer with a 200 mm probe into the fire chamber, giving you an accurate reading of the temperatures inside the oven.

The door opening is a wide 400 mm x 175 mm high - allowing to cook with kitchen pots, trays, etc... because the Fiesta portable pizza oven is not just for pizzas !! ...